Fairs and festivals

Sant Antoni Abat Day.

Beneïdes de Sant AntoniSant Antoni Day (17 January) is a traditional and popular festival in our town. It is without doubt the most special and awaited event in the local calendar. It includes huge bonfires, ancient music and songs, old dances, "gloses" and "tonades", wild "dimonies" (devils) and the traditional blessings. The latter are the centre and the high point of the festival.

Easter week

On Palm Sunday we celebrate that Jesus entered Jerusalem with his disciples and a large crowd, who hailed him as the son of David to come. Children climbed up the trees, picked olive branches and brandished them victoriously, shouting hooray! Adults took their cloaks off and laid them on the floor, marking the path of he who came in the name of the Lord. The Christian people continue picking olive branches and keep a branch or a palm leaf on their windows or balconies as a sign of the presence of the Lord that has come here as the Saviour.

Maundy Thursday is a special day. Jesus established the Eucharist and priesthood. At night there is a parade featuring the following brotherhoods: Mare de Déu de la Soledat (dressed in black), Sant Joan Baptista (dressed in red), Sant Francesc d'Assís, Mare de Déu de Lluc, Crist del Gran Poder, Mare de Déu de l'Esperança, Vir Doloris, Doloroses and Prohomonia de La Sang.
On Good Friday, a mass is held in the parish church. The congregation solemnly read the Passion of Christ.
On Easter Saturday, at night, the church fills with light and music: Christ has risen from the dead. On Passion Sunday, the people meet in the square to watch the fireworks and sing.

Sant Joan Baptista Day.

The Festival of Sant Joan el Baptista is the most important festival of Muro. It is the first summer festival and takes place in Plaça Major, A wide array of events are organized during the Festival of Sant Joan: sports events, concerts, painting exhibitions, open-air concerts and dances, activities for children, etc. They festival is sponsored by the Town Hall with the enthusiastic and wholehearted support of several local associations.

Sant Francesc de Paula Day.

On the first Sunday after Easter Muro honours Sant Francesc de Paula. The festival takes place with great splendour since 1714. However, the origin of the festival stretches farther back in time.
It has the characteristic charm of this kind of traditional festivals with both civic and religious events, which are lively and sumptuous. The events include the "solemnes completes" and the high mass in a church packed to the brim, the traditional festival in carrer de Santa Anna (decorated with branches) and the tradition of grabbing the rabbit from the top of a long, smooth, greasy pole, bright and colourful fireworks to put an end to the night, "jotes" and "boleros" dance by Pinyol Vermell in the shade of the church, concerts by the band, handicraft, machinery, agriculture, industry and livestock shows. One of the most important pig markets of the island was held in carrer del Pare Alzina.

Flower market.

Flowers have their own language and add a personal touch that highlights its significance. Scent, colour and shape… want to express a presence and a will. Nowadays, in our markets, you can buy a bouquet of flowers to bring happiness and liven up your homes with its sweet scent.

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